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The Youth Department is responsible for coordinating youth activities in the church.  The belief of the department is that youths are gifts from the Lord.  As such, the department will facilitate the spiritual, physical, social and emotional growth of our youths. 

To this end the specific goals of the Youth Department are:

  • To challenge youths to foster/maintain a relationship with Christ
  • To educate youths about biblical principles for christian living
  • To engage in meaningful activities so as to foster social and emotional skills
  • To facilitate opportunities for youths to express their ideas/thoughts about issues that affect them
  • To educate youths about global issues and their role in making positive contributions to society on a whole

   "We are excited about going to camp"



Activities of the youth department include (but are not limited to) the following:

-  Camps and conferences

-  music (choir, playing musical instruments)

-  drama                                                 


-  games (competitive and cooperative)

-  visitation

-  socials

-  sign language

-  evangelism


                                                                                                                                            A drama presentation