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Emmanuel Basic School

The aim of the Emmanuel Baptist Basic School is to provide high quality early childhood programmes to equip young children with the basic readiness skills which are critical for their holistic development.  We also seek to provide high quality care in a safe and stimulating environment.

Objectives of the basic school:

  • To help children adapt successfully to school setting
  • To help children experience learning in a fun-filled manner
  • To provide learning experiences for children in order to stimulate their curiosity
  • To help children develop feelings of trust, security and a positive self-concept
  • To encourage the development of creativity in children through art, craft, music and drama
The basic school is engaged in promoting parent/community relationship and as such the school seeks to:
  • encourage close links with and between home, community and the school
  • educate parents about the needs of their children
  • build confidence and trust among parents
Our members of staff collaborate to:
  • establish team-spirited relationship
  • assist in our professional growth and development
  • maintain acceptable levels of self-control (speech, mode of dress, interaction with children/parents)